Pest Control

Rodent Guys Pest Control specializes in gopher control and rodent removal.  With licensed trappers and unique non poison methods and unparalleled guarantee, Rodent Guys is the best choice for your pest control needs.

Gopher Control

Gopher control by Rodent Guys

Our gopher control methods use no poison and is backed by a 60-day guarantee.  We use two methods of control for gopher extermination.  Our first pest control method is gopher trapping which physically removes the rodent from the burrow.  The second pest control method we use in carbon monoxide gas which gasses the tunnel and kills the gopher inside of the burrow and the rodent stays in the ground.

Our pest control methods are safe for pets.  For more information about pet safe methods see our pet safe gopher control page. For more information about our gopher control methods please see our page gopher control.


Rat Removal

Rat Trapping

Rat removal with Rodent Guys Pest Control can include rat trapping, exclusion to keep rats from entering all the way to removing and replacing the attic insulation.  We do not use poison for rat eradication for indoor applications.

During our rat inspection we will find the entry points of the rodents.  These should be closed up so the rodent problem does not return.  For more information about our rat removal service please visit our rat extermination page.

Raccoon Trapping

Raccoon Trapping by Rodent Guys

Live animal trapping for raccoon, opossums and skunks with humane methods and no poison.  Our licensed wildlife trappers hold a trappers license with the Department of Fish and Game.  Rodent Guys follows all rules as set by the Department for pest control for animal trapping.

Trapping services can include trapping, exclusion or fixing damage.  For more information about our live animal trapping please see the live animal trapping page.

Mole Control

Mole Removal by Rodent Guys

Mole Control methods are trapping, baiting and carbon monoxide.  The main pest control method we use is mole trapping which is assured way to eliminate moles from your yard.  The traps are placed across the mole tunnel to capture it when the mole re-travels the tunnel system.

Baits and carbon monoxide gas are also methods we use for mole extermination.  These methods are normally used in conjunction with mole trapping.  For more information about mole control please see our mole page.


Ground Squirrel Removal

Ground Squirrel Control by Rodent Guys

Squirrel Extermination uses two pest control methods that are safe for pets and children.  We do not use poison to exterminate squirrels.  We use a combination of carbon monoxide gas treatments to the burrows and live animal trapping.

The carbon monoxide treatment will eradicate ground squirrels in their burrow and the live animal traps are used.  The live animal traps will get squirrels that were not in the burrow at the time of the gassing, as well as trap squirrels that are visiting and foraging.  For more information about squirrel control please visit our squirrel extermination page.

Dead Animal Removal

Dead animal removal by Rodent Guys

Dead Animal removal can be frustrating and quite disgusting for a homeowner to deal with.  Rodent Guys Pest Control can find a dead animal in the attic, under a home, in the walls or other places they may hide.

Service can include finding dead animal, exclusion service to stop from happening again and fixing damage.  For more information about dead animal removal please see our dead animal removal page.


Ant Control

Ant control by Rodent Guys

Ant spraying is done on a one time or regular service depending on customers need.  Our pest control service uses industrial grade insecticide and baits.  The baits we use kills ants slowly allowing them time to get back to the nest where it is shared.  This helps to eliminate the whole colony, even the ones you can not see.  For more information about our insect treatments please see our insect control page.


Spider control

Spider control by Rodent Guys

Spider control can be performed on a one time or regular service similar to ant spraying above.  Baits are not used on spiders since they are not social insects.  We rely on industrial sprays with long residuals for spiders.

Cutting bushes back from the home can drastically help with spider control. Spiders are best controlled by direct contract from insecticides.  For more information about spider pest control please see our insect control page.


Bug spraying

Bug spraying by Rodent Guys

Bug spraying can be done for any insect including spiders, ants, carpenter ants, earwigs, silverfish or any other insects except for termites. More information about our bug spraying and pest control service can be found on our insect control page.